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Best Baby Carriers UK 2018

by | May 26, 2018

If you are anything like me, then you are probably already facing the problem of walking around at home trying to do anything but constantly having a baby who is looking for attention and love 24/7. A baby carrier or a sling is your solution. 

I found these to be extremely comfortable for me and also my baby. These baby slings and baby carriers are the best fit for a busy mum who wants her 2 hands free or a dad who is looking to get carry a baby without carrying a stroller all the time.

I have personally tried all of those and I am presenting you my honest opinion. I have also carried all my 3 babies in almost all of these slings and baby carriers and I can tell you that I am now an expert!

My husband Joseph has also tried all of them and we almost always had the same opinion on which one is the best.


  • Best Baby Carrier UK 2018:  BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One
  • Best Baby Sling UK 2018:   Premium Baby Carrier Funki Flamingo
  • Best Cheap Baby Carrier UK 2018:   Ecosusi Classic Front and Back Baby Carrier
  • Why would you need a baby carrier: it’s the single best way to get both of your hands free while still hugging your baby! Be careful not to bend too much though.
  • Carrier or a Sling: it doesn’t matter in my opinion. The worst thing about a sling though is that it takes more time to put it on and off. But on the other side it’s 10 times more firm and tight for  your baby.
  • What’s best for the Dad: definitely a firm baby carrier like this one. I think men are not that patient to put on a sling which is more girly and mother-ly to be honest.

So, without further ado let’s see my top picks for baby carriers in the UK in 2018:

1. Premium Baby Carrier Funki Flamingo


This thing is a best seller! One of the most versatile and highly rated slings/carriers on Amazon UK.

And for a very good reason. This thing is a god-sent item that will help you not only bond with your baby but also leave your hands free while you are carrying her around.

Funki Flamingo is made of a very good quality fabric and it comes in that grey neutral colour you see above but not only (there are more colours available). The great thing about it is that you can wear it with anything and still look like a very fashionable mama as it is pretty neutral. There are no clips and that helps a lot as everything feels really natural and organic to your baby which in reality it would help him to sleep straight away. I know my babies were falling asleep almost immediately when I was putting them into the soft pouch.

Another great thing about it is that you can actually wash it in the washing machine as it’s simply a long piece of fabric really!

Here is a video showing how you put it on (not the easiest thing in the world I have to admit):


I fully admit that this might take some time to get used to. And that is because it can take quite some time to put it on and this can be frustrating. if you are in a hurry and you want to put the baby on quickly that is not for you. Many people also have difficulty to put it on without the help of someone else (e.g. your husband). My husband gave up on this recently and he never looked back as he preferred BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One… 🙂

The other possibly negative thing about it, is that I felt that it doesn’t support the baby that well because it’s too flexible and stretchy (which on the other hand it can be a good thing too). But sometimes I felt that her head is not supported that well.

The thing is that wrapping it up gets better with practice to be honest, so don’t give up as quickly as Joseph on this!

Buy it from Amazon


2. Ergobaby 4 Position 360


Ergobaby 4 is in my opinion a great option for those who need a sturdy baby carrier and have issues with their lower back and shoulders. This is a really comfortable carrier which can be adjusted in 4 different positions depending on how you want your baby to sit in it. As the names says it: it’s totally ergonomic!

The main position is for the baby to sit facing out, so she can look around and see what is going on. My babies loved that without a doubt…!

Its quality is really good and its design proves to be the greatest hit here.

Here is how you put it on:


While there were no issues with the carrier itself , I felt that at times it didn’t really support or make my baby girl feel comfortable in it. Hubby on the other hand loved it (definitely more than the Funki Flamingo at least…). I have to admit though that in many cases I struggled to put it on. it is not the easiest and eventhough I consider myself quite flexible I really couldn’t tighten it up while having the baby on me. I had to ask for help to do that.

Buy it from Amazon


3. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One



4. Babypeta Baby Sling Organic Infant Carrier



5. Baby Carrier Hip Seat 100% Cotton



6. Bebamour Brand Backpack 3 in 1 Functional Baby Carrier Backpack



7. miamily Hipster Plus Baby Carrier



8. Hana standard BAMBOO Baby Wrap



9. Baby Wrap – Best Baby Carrier by CuddleBug



10. Ecosusi Classic Front and Back Baby Carrier


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