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Best Baby Monitors UK 2018

by | May 26, 2018

best baby monitorsBeing able to keep an eye on your baby while she is sleeping or playing at her room is one of the benefits of today’s day and age of technology. “Spying” on your baby with an audio or video monitor is something that will always comfort you as a parent , so if you are not out and about carrying her with a baby carrier you’d better get one of those monitors for her room.

I have tried almost all of these baby monitors as my husband is a gadget freak and he doesn’t compromise easily on these things (yours might be one of those too…). We basically had a different baby monitor for every baby we had!

The last years, we have seen a ton of cheap baby monitors (basically security wifi cameras) coming from China (like this one) and to be honest with you they are doing thei rjob. But as always it’s a hit and miss with products from China but at least what you see on Amazon should be fine, more or less.

To be totally honest with you Joseph (hubby) helped me write this review and this is more or less our combined opinion.


  • Best Baby Monitor UK 2018: Nest Indoor Camera (forget the useless monitors and get the real thing)
  • Best Cheap Monitor UK 2018: BT Digital Audio Monitor 400
  • Why would you need a baby monitor: you need to hear and see the baby while you are not in the same room so you need one of these toys
  • Audio or Video: only audio baby monitors are cheaper but you don’t get to see the baby
  • What’s best for the Dad: baby monitors is probably one of the only things that a dad could easily choose by himself so they are all good as long as they allow him to play around with it


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